Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Change of Course

From time to time, it's desirable or necessary to change directions, maybe even change destinations. I'm taking a new tack on this blog.  Rather than reacting and reporting only on current trips, I'm going to branch out to general travel issues.  I've missed blogging and find the time between trips too long to go without reflecting and writing about travel.

I'm blessed to book travel for a number of clients. I'm privileged to experience their trips vicariously. Seldom, however, am I asked for advice.  My business card used to read Travel Counselor; but most people come to me after they've already done a bit of research.  They know where they want to go and how they want go get there.  My job is to handle all the details that come up in the course of booking.  So I guess my bossy nature has been frustrated, and the New Year feels like a good time to begin a new direction. 

Now the whole world of travel is my subject...from the Artic to Antarctica, from airline tickets to zoos, I'm broadening my blog horizons.   Happy New Year and happy travels in 2015!