Wednesday, July 12, 2017

North to Alaska

Packing presents perennial problems. It is a test of decision-making and discrimination, a test which I seem to fail every time.  I have enough trouble paring down all the stuff in drawers and closets without having to limit myself to the contents of an 18" x 25" x 10" container for eight days. Inevitably, things come back which haven't been worn and things are missing when I need them.  Packing for a trip seems to be one area of life where learning does not take place, at least for me.  One thing I have learned: a good suitcase with four wheels is an excellent investment and can make life on the move a lot easier.

To further complicate the problem of this packing assignment, we will be cruising the Inside Passage of Alaska, which has its own special needs.  Binoculars are a must for searching the shores for wildlife.  And, for a visit to the state where the national bird is the mosquito, bug spray is another essential.

A final dilemma involves whether to roll or to fold.  My mother introduced me to rolling clothes for a suitcase which saves both on space and wrinkles.  It's the way sailors pack their duffel bags.
This time I'm starting early and expect to for the first time master the art of packing light.  Oh, and it looks like I'll need to get my passport OUT of the suitcase!

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