Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Packing Light

Another airport, another lounge, another long day looking forward to another long airplane ride...oh well, it sounded like a good idea.  Actually, I've paced this trip with deference to my age, and it seems to be working well so far, except for the horrible bronchitus which attacked me before I left. I actually almost met the 32 pound weight limit, only one pound over.  Yesterday, I flew from Durango to Washington, DC, and am currently waiting for my KLM flight to Amsterdam where we connect to Nairobi.  It's a loooong trip.  I'm in sitting around in waiting mode, trying hard not to think too much.  Audible books downloaded ✔. Kindle books downloaded ✔. Soothing music downloaded ✔  Comfortable clothes ✔.  Travelling companion...oops.  I find I'm missing my travelling companion of 45 years.  But this is a travel agent study tour and I already met a couple of the agents going along, so travelling companions will appear in due time ✔.  Now I just have to survive two 8+ hour flights and all the discomfort that entails. 

But, Africa is calling and I must go. 

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